Ignite Academy Presents 

 Fall 2019 Liberty Boys Retreat

When: Sat., Nov. 16, 9:00 am-3:30 pm 

Who: All boys Ages 6-11

Location: Ignite Entrepreneurship Academy

1650 W Traverse Terrace Dr.
Lehi, UT 84043

Ticket Price: $45 per boy

(lunch included in price)

Group Discount: Request a discount code for your group members to register for $30 each! (For homeschool co-ops, New Commonwealths, academies, Liberty Boys Clubs, etc. No minimum group size, if you share the event and code with your group members.) Contact Diann Jeppson 801-450-5016.

Volunteers Needed: Parents are encouraged to volunteer – run a station, lead a group, help with check-in or clean up. Receive two free admissions for boys of your choice. Contact Diann Jeppson 801-450-5016.


Be a pilgrim for a day

Liberty Boys Retreats provide an exciting opportunity for boys ages 6-11 to learn about American history through hands-on experiences. Get messy, dress up, be creative, have adventures, and meet new friends! 

Make a simple Pilgrim Costume to wear to the Liberty Boys Retreat!


Check out this website for fun, simple ideas!



Preparing for the ​Journey to the New World

Learn what it means to be a Pilgrim. Help select which items to pack for the journey and learn why your family is going to live in the New World. Find out how your parents wrote the Mayflower Compact, and how they arranged for the long sea voyage.

Sailing on the Mayflower

Board the Mayflower and take a simulated trip across the Atlantic Ocean. Experience life on board the ship. What did the voyagers eat? Where did they sleep? What did they do during the journey, and what was it like when they finally arrived in the New World?

Squanto Teaches the Pilgrims to Grow Corn and Gather Food

Meet Squanto, who will show you how to gather food and plant corn and other Native Indian crops. Help harvest and prepare food for the winter.

Preparing Shop at the Plymouth Store

Boys are invited to bring a few pilgrim-themed items to “sell” for tokens that they can use to buy items brought by other boys. Ideas for items may include dried fruit, nuts, seeds, blankets, hats, seashells, maple sugar candy, honey, bread, and popcorn.

Pilgrim Games

Pilgrim boys enjoyed many fun games, many of which are largely forgotten. Boys will have the chance to learn and play many fun games from long ago, which will certainly delight their hearts and connect them to 17th century boys! 

Learn a Pilgrim School Lesson


Learn to use a hornbook and attend a Pilgrim school lesson with the other Pilgrim children.

The First Thanksgiving

Rejoice with the other Pilgrims and your new American Indian friends as you celebrate the first Thanksgiving in the New World. Enjoy a simulated First Thanksgiving experience.

Note on Historical Accuracy and Religious References: Liberty Boys Retreats strive to incorporate an accurate account of the historical context of each theme, which includes references to God and religion, within the context of the religious nature of the historical times being featured. Retreats are for all boys, and are therefore not designed from a perspective unique to any religious denomination.


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