Mission & VAlues

Students used to go to school to acquire knowledge. Now, in the internet and technology age, the acquired intelligence of thousands of years is accessible to anyone in an instant. This technology has been disruptive and wonderful.  


With knowledge so easily accessible, what is the role of education in this new era? How do we prepare students to inherit a world with so much uncertainty and unparalleled opportunity?


At Ignite Academy we believe that students in the 21st century require an expanded skill set beyond acquiring knowledge that will prepare them to operate within new, innovative companies or pursue their own entrepreneurial opportunities. This includes learning how to learn, working collaboratively, being inventive, and taking a creative approach to problem-solving. The future of Ignite Academy holds limitless possibilities as students are encouraged to innovate and explore.  


Ignite Entrepreneurship Academy's (IEA) mission is to promote entrepreneurial success through academic rigor, project-based learning, and creating a culture of creativity, collaboration, adaptability, accountability, communication, and problem-solving.


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