The Program

Project-Based LEARNING

Creative Problem Solving

Open-ended challenges with defined objectives, but infinite solutions, stimulate the imagination and spark creativity. Each day at Ignite Academy, compelling problems have students stretching themselves and applying creativity to find solutions as they embark on their project. While they may learn some interesting facts and develop new skills, the most powerful learning is not related to the content of the project, but to the process of the hands-on learning which allows them to design, build, test, fail, design, build, test, in a cycle that promotes innovation and creative problem solving.


Having everyone work on the same challenge provides an opportunity for collaboration as students search for solutions and improvements to their projects. Guided by teachers, students learn how to increase their own potential by seeking feedback and working with others.


Taking an idea and bringing it to fruition with one’s own hands is a powerful experience and one that can lead to taking on greater and greater challenges, creating a pattern of success and building self-confidence. 


Not every attempt is successful, so an important part of this process is developing a new relationship with failure. Through hands-on experimentation, students learn that failure is part of the creative process and not a sign of personal inadequacy or an indication that something is too difficult.


This mindset allows a child’s innate curiosity to thrive and confidence to remain intact through missteps and set-backs.


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