Junior High 

Seventh grade

The Ignite Entrepreneurship Junior High School curriculum is a two-year process that occurs over the Seventh and Eighth Grades. We are excited to offer an engaging and interactive learning environment, guided by 4 educators, to our older students.  

The work of the older students in any cycle is more sophisticated and more challenging than that of the younger students. In this program, students are presented with an integrated curriculum, designed to help them make connections across disciplines and find their place in the world.   

Due to adolescents’ unique ability to make these connections through prior knowledge and application skills, our Junior High students are  are able to directly apply concepts from their Elementary education to real problem-solving scenarios.  Each unit of study culminates in major projects and presentations of work by the students. Project-based learning and unique opportunities to build and apply leadership qualities will be central to this student-directed environment. 

 daily Schedule


English Language Arts

Writing Practicum


Advanced Algebra

U.S. History

Earth/Life Sciences

The Great Outdoors

Physical Fitness and Health Education

Entrepreneurship Application

Business Development

Blended Learning Experiences

Project-Based Learning Experiences


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